Design and improvement of the entrance to the city of Lobnya from the Sheremetyevo airport and Dmitrov highway

In 2018, SMU-55 LLC took part in one of the most interesting events provided for by the state program of the Moscow Region “Formation of a modern comfortable urban Environment” – the improvement of entrance groups on the territory of municipalities of the Moscow Region. Together with the NIIPI of Urban Planning of the Moscow Region, we designed and improved the entrances to the city of Lobnya from the Sheremetyevo Airport and the Dmitrov Highway. The works included dismantling the existing stele, sanitary cleaning of the forest and surrounding areas, draining the swamp and strengthening the roadsides, construction of an observation deck and parking spaces, installation of a new stele and its digitalization, architectural lighting and planting of bushes and trees. Residents of Lobnya so highly appreciated the result of the work that by the day of the opening of the entrance groups, they filmed a festive flash mob with the participation of the ballet “Todos” and the head of the city.


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