The project for the arrangement of the park "River of Time"

In Lobnya, in 2021-2022, a project is being implemented to equip the River of Time park on Lenin Street. As of December 2021, the park is 90% ready. Today, the head of SMU-55 LLC, together with the head of the Lobnya city district, Yevgeny Barishevsky, pressed a symbolic button and started lighting the park. This event marked the end of the first, most difficult and large-scale stage of work. Now the park’s road and path network is fully illuminated, and residents can use it for movement and walking. The landscaped area is located in the central part of the city. As a result of the work performed, a pedestrian alley with bends, like a river, passing through the entire park with a single axis, was constructed. Modern masts of street lighting are installed along the road and path network. In the direction of the alley there are thematic zones telling about the history of the city: from its origin to the present day. Each zone has navigation poles with QR codes,


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