Stroitel’no-Montazhnoe upravlenie – 55 Ltd.

Our success and company history

Construction of high-quality highways according to European standards, civil and industrial buildings, bridges and tunnels are the main areas of work of our construction company.

History of the company

SMU-55 was founded in 2004. Today SMU-55 is a contemporary, dynamically growing company with its own production bases in the Moscow region, which manufacture steel-concrete products and metal constructions, and have carpentry and welding plants. The drafting of proposed estimates for construction and renovation objects is carried out by our planning and design bureau, which consists of workers with extensive experience in their fields. The documentation of proposed estimates is made by specialists of the company using certified modern operating systems.

The main activities of the company centre on construction and the organisation of I-IV category highways with any type of coating; engineering structures such as tunnels, bridges, flyovers and overpasses, as well as the construction and renovation of living spaces and objects for public use and the development of documentation for quotations. The construction activity carried out by SMU-55 covers all stages of building and structural construction, beginning with drafting a project for the object and ending with delivering an object into use.

One very important aspect of SMU-55’s activity, in which the company has gained a good reputation, is engineering and

the arrangement of external and internal communications, engineer systems of buildings and structures of any complexity.

The project team of the company carries out research and development works for large-scale construction – a complex of economic and technical research that helps to justify the goal and location of an object; this provides all the necessary data in order to complete a successful engineering design. Only after all stages are completed step-by-step can work on engineering and the preparation of proposed estimates begin.

SMU-55 possesses modern construction machinery, equipment specialised instruments and qualified personnel necessary to carry out all kinds of construction and assembly works, including work in especially harsh geological environments, such as the mountainous regions of Caucasus, Siberia and the Far North.

We are truly proud of the trust that we have earned and we guarantee high standards in our works, the accurate accomplishment of taken responsibilities and quality control on all stages of construction.


Company SMU-55

Company philosophy



Absolute honesty, integrity and openness towards our partners, customers and employees are at the core of our business. Therefore, cooperation with SMU-55 is perceived by them as an integral part of not only professional, but also life success.



We set extremely high standards for ourselves at every stage of our work. Combining rich experience with advanced technology and innovation allows you to do the job right the first time. Each project for us is an opportunity to improve and grow.



The absence of incidents is of paramount importance. Human lives depend on it. Avoiding accidents is not difficult — it is enough to always remember that any incident can be prevented. We work for the future, for the continuous development of our company, for the sake of long and strong relations with partners, for the prosperity of the region and the country.



We demand a lot from our employees, but we give them vast opportunities for development and reward effort and success.

Career in SMU-55

SMU-55 deals with construction in Russia and other countries. Hundreds of people work on our objects and every important success is the result of the work of each member of our team.

If you are energetic, responsible, possess a construction degree and would like to find a job with almost unlimited prospects, then SMU-55 can provide you with such an opportunity.

SMU-55 hires people regularly. We are proud to have one honoured construction worker of the Russian Federation and three PhDs in our team. Over fifty specialists with the highest technical education work in our company.

We demand high standards from our team members on all levels and we offer fair remuneration conditions for successful and responsible work. In addition, SMU-55 guarantees a high level of work culture for all members working on construction as well as for members who take part in training. A comfortable hotel-dormitory is offered to all members at the manufacturing base in Shelkovskiy district in the Moscow Region.

Our workers constantly improve their qualifications and pass professional training, including training that takes into account the experience of European construction companies and their specialists.