Design of the complex of the BU RK " Republican Hospital of War Veterans with the center of geriatrics and rehabilitation"

The design of the complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Republican Hospital of War Veterans with the Center of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation” in the Republic of Kalmykia began in September 2020.

The project is currently under state examination.

SMU-55 LLC sincerely thanks our colleagues from the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Kalmykia, the leadership of the Republic and all those involved for their high professionalism and full dedication in supporting the project at every stage.

The main buildings that provide for the conduct, provision and management of the treatment process are:

ˉ Administrative and economic building;
– Premises of the lobby group
-Administrative and Management Personnel Unit
– Conference hall with 70 seats
– Archive
– Pharmacy warehouse
– Block of premises for engineering, technical and economic services
ˉ Outpatient clinic building;
– Premises of the lobby group
– Consulting and Diagnostic Department
– Pharmacy point
– Cafe (cafeteria) for 12 seats
– Day hospital with 10 beds
– Clinical and diagnostic laboratory
– Block of radiation diagnostics rooms

ˉ Medical and rehabilitation building:
– Premises of the lobby group
– Emergency department (planned admission of patients)
– Hospital for 120 beds in the composition of:
– General therapy department for 30 beds with a 6-bed RET unit;
– Geriatric department with 40 beds (including palliative care with 20 beds)
– Department of medical rehabilitation for 50 beds with a block of clinical psychology and correctional pedagogy;
– Department of Physical Rehabilitation
– Auxiliary unit consisting of:
– Complex of staff living quarters
– Sterilization chamber
– Block of premises for centralized waste decontamination
– Disinfection department
– Laundry for 500 kg / shift
– Food hall for 1905 dishes / shift and a hall for 60 seats

Administration of the Head of the Republic of Kalmykia

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