Reconstruction of
Hasavjurt Tloh Road

The Hasavjurt-Tloh road is attributed to the fourth technical category; it is part of the Makhachkala-Botlih route and it is relatively short – it lasts only 9 kilometres, but it has important strategic significance. Reconstruction of the road was conducted by SMU-55 as part of the realisation of a presidential project on strengthening the defence capability of the southern borders of the Russian Federation.

Reconstruction of the road was carried out on the elevation of 1,200 metres above sea level and in difficult conditions of the mountains. The construction and restoration of roads that have constant traffic requires durable and strong building materials, which is why SMU-55 used the newest building mixtures and an enhanced asphalt-concrete surface during the works; this facilitated the safety of traffic on this section of the route.


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