Reconstruction of the road

The Gimry-Chirkata highway connects the capital of the Republic of Dagestan with army units on the border and provides, besides reduced travel time, a safe transportation route year-round.

The old road that connected the settlements was built in 1920 and its carrying capacity was tens of times lower than the admissible norm. A new asphalt-concrete weatherproof road was built by SMU-55. It lasts for 16 kilometres, includes 2 bridges with total length of 84 metres and a car tunnel with a length of 131 metres. The road was built in order to bypass Ashil’tinsky mountain pass, through which the old route went; this helped substantially improve route conditions, reduce travel time by an hour and a half and minimise transportation costs. Construction of the road by SMU-55 demonstrated its ability to build objects and buildings in the most remote mountain areas of the Caucasus.


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