Road construction in Nigeria

SMU-55’s interests are not limited to the territory of the Russian Federation.

We are the first and at the moment the only Russian construction company that is officially represented in Nigeria.

Even though Nigeria holds first place in Africa in terms of volumes of oil extraction, the infrastructure of the country is in a dire state.

The construction of road networks of first category that link the important business and commercial centres of Abudzha, Lagos and Port-Harkott with remote regions of the country is one of the most important goals of Nigeria’s government and President Goodluck Jonathon.

Local construction companies often do not possess the level of qualification needed in order to build high capacity highways that would follow modern standards for the rapidly developing republic. It is extremely difficult to find a foreign company that could take part in a project on the territory of Nigeria, since western entrepreneurs are scared away by the high level of crime and the absence of material base needed to maintain equipment.

This is why the presence of the powerful Russian company that has experience in construction in the most difficult regions turned out to be in great demand both at federal and regional levels.

SMU-55 is the main technical advisor to the government organisation that deals with the development of Adamawa State – Special Project and Programmes Unit. It is also an active member of ASOPADEC, which is an organisation that deals with the construction of infrastructure objects in Abia state and works closely with the governments of the two Nigerian states.

A high quality of work and readiness to solve very unusual challenges have become the hallmarks of SMU-55 in Nigeria.

In 2012, the Governor of Maiduguri state visited us in Russia in order to get acquainted with company’s work in Moscow and the regions of the Russian Federation. The result of the visit was a memorandum about SMU-55’s involvement in one of the largest projects on the African continent, which is connected with the development of the infrastructure of Lake Chad.


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