Ashil’tinsky tunnel

The Ashil’tinsky tunnel, which stretches 130 metres underground, was constructed by SMU-55 in one of the most geologically and geodetically difficult regions of Caucasus, in a fault zone. During the construction of Ashil’tinsky highway, SMU-55 used a unique method for the first time; high-speed penetration of rocks with the use of hydraulic hammers – this allowed it to comply with the deadline for the construction of the tunnel.

SMU-55 has a reputation for being a contractor that can be trusted with construction of the most challenging objects both on regional and federal levels – this is achieved by the use of a technologically complete approach to the construction and the design of a facility combined with the most complex engineering calculations. During construction, SMU-55 at its own expense built a footpath (concrete staircase trail) that lead to the top of the Ohul’go Mountain, under which a tunnel was built in order to relieve pilgrims from all of North Caucasus of a difficult journey during a visit to the holy site.


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