SMU-55 celebrated the day of construction workers by ascending a mountain peak

On 6 September 1955, a decree by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was announced “in order to celebrate once a year the day of construction workers”.

Half a century ago, the newspapers commented on such a decree in the following way: “The party and the government once again expressed their support towards construction workers on 23 August 1955 through a decree by the Communist Party and Ministries of the USSR with the title “On measures concerning further industrialisation, improving quality and decreasing cost of construction”. This decree fully and clearly analyses the conditions of construction, and it aims to set further ways for large-scale industrialization of the construction process” (“Construction newspaper”, 7 September 1955).

Even though, since those days, in general, only workers themselves look after each other, this day still remains our common holiday.

This year, the members of SMU-55 decided not to have a traditional corporate event and instead celebrate the 52nd year of the Decree on one of the most beautiful mountain tops of the Northern Caucasus – “Poboku” (Shilo), which is located in the Laksky district of the Republic of Dagestan at an elevation of 4,001 metres above sea level.

According to ancient legends, anyone who has reached the top of the mountain can make a wish, and it will definitely come in the near future.

The management of SMU-55 is not prone to mysticism or superstition and prefers to rely on quality of the equipment, experience and the professionalism of its workers. Therefore, members of the company decided that time spent in the fresh mountain air would bring more benefit to the team, rather than time wasted on standing several hours in a traffic jam on the way to another restaurant.

This is why we found ourselves in a tent camp near the slope of the mountain on the morning of 12 August, and then after lunch the flag of SMU-55 appeared on the top of the highest point of Poboku Mountain.

In the upcoming months, our news feed will show you if our wishes will start becoming true.

Have a nice Construction Worker’s Day!

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